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Gary Numan - Cars

*** Released : August 1979 ***

According to Gary Numan, the song's lyrics were inspired by an incident of road rage: "I was in traffic in London once and had a problem with some people in front. They tried to beat me up and get me out of the car. I locked the doors and eventually drove up on the pavement and got away from them. It's kind of to do with that. It explains how you can feel safe inside a car in the modern world... When you're in it, your whole mentality is different... It's like your own little personal empire with four wheels on it".
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    *** LYRICS ***

    Here in my car
    I feel safest of all
    I can lock all my doors
    It's the only way to live
    In cars

    Here in my car
    I can only receive
    I can listen to you
    It keeps me stable for days
    In cars

    Here in my car
    Where the image breaks down
    Will you visit me please?
    If I open my door
    In cars

    Here in my car
    I know I've started to think
    About leaving tonight
    Although nothing seems right
    In cars
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    Pulp Fiction
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    дааа ^___^
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