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Grey Daze - Hole (Live Acoustic)

Chester Bennington))
Размещено:    5 декабря08
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  • 5 декабря 2008 | 13:25 (ссылка #374058)
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    I would have sailed away, if I\'d known that nothing would change Starting out my window sill, in my wasted prison cell And I know what you want And I know what you feel As I cradle your loving And watch you disappear And I feel your heart beat, pounding in my head I\'d like to control you, \'cause I can\'t control myself Rain come my way, mold my head like a ball of clay Softly wither into my grave, never to see the sun again All alone in a crowd by myself, so sorry wish I could Find a way Back into your hole again but, I\'ve become your enemy
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