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Discipline - Boys Are Back in Town

Лучшая голландская скинхед-банда
Размещено:    20 августа08
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  • 20 августа 2008 | 00:44 (ссылка #327746)
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    They call us hooligans, the call us thugs. Without a reason, we got bannend from their pubs. But Lighttown is calling, so we won?t stay at home. We love this place too much, the streets is where we belong. The boys are back in town They?re just plain scared of what they see. They don?t know nuthin?about you and me. Stupid-ass hippies are trying to rule our town. Ignorance and prejudice, It?s all around! The boys are back in town Hardcore, skins and thugs, we should all unite. Together - We?ll have a hell of a night. It takes more than their hate, to get us down. Together - We?re gona smash up this town! The boys are back in town
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