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    земляк Krot19 Полезный человек нашего форумаKrot19 Полезный человек нашего форума Аватар для Krot19
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    По умолчанию Best albums 1992 - 2008

    Шибаясь в очередной раз по муз. сайтам наткнулся на такую статью

    Best albums 1992 - 2008

    1992 - Leon Russell - Anything Can Happen
    Soundtrack from Civilization - Call to Power. I miss that game so bad. Listening to this now reminds me when I was young. Not that much of a musical masterpiece, but really enjoyable.
    Notable tracks: No Man's Land, Angel Ways, Life Of The Party

    1993 - Therion - Symphony Masses Ho Drakon Ho Megas
    I do and don't blame Therion for leaving us without more death metal albuns. How come they stopped doing awesome and experimental death metal to do awesome and experimental symphonic metal? Can't decide what's better, really.
    Notable tracks: Everything. From Baal Reginon to Ho Drakon Ho Megas.

    1994 - Ours - Sour
    Well, this one is complicated. Ours is that kind of band you start listening to, get bored a few weeks later, then for some reason, start again and find they were much better than before. That happened with Ours. Actually with this and the following album, Distorted Lullabies. Both relics within alternative rock - not a genre I normally like. But this is an exception.
    Notable tracks: Dracula's Bride, Lotti Di, All They Know.

    1995 - Theatre of Tragedy - Theatre of Tragedy
    Inovative, avant-garde, original and creative death/doom we got here.
    From ToT's self-titled debut almost all gothic metal came from.
    This is a relic. Stuning piano melodies and doomy guitars made this pure majestic.
    Notalbe tracks: Cheerful Dirge, Sweet Art Thou, Dying - I Only Feel Apathy

    1996 - Dark Tranquillity - The Mind's I
    Why couldn't Dark Tranquillity make more albuns like this? The Mind's I stands in a much higher level that the overrated The Gallery. It sounds complete. One of those albuns you can start from the first track and go to the last enjoying every moment.
    Seens DT was way more inspired during the recording of this and Projector than other albuns. But, well, thats personal taste, I guess.
    Notable tracks: Zodijackyl Light, Scythe, Rage and Roses, Insanity's Crescendo

    1997 - Arcturus - La Masquerade Infernale
    Put here mostly due to lack of options, but doesn't lose the 'good album' quallity. Awesome stuff came from here and makes me miss Arcturus so bad. At least they never made anything bad before spliting up, which is nice, I supose.
    Notable tracks: Alone , Ad Astra , The Chaos Path

    1998 - Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse
    Opeth at it's first peak. If wasn't for Lopez drumming, it could be better. I just find that guy doesn't really fit Death Metal. But overrall an awesome album with really interesting passages.
    Notable tracks: When, Karma, Demon of the Fall

    1999 - Opeth - Still Life
    Now that's the Opeth album everyone should love. Blackwater Park was a step down, apart from Bleak - one of Opeth's best songs - Still Life has everything a solid album needs.
    Notable tracks: Godhead's Lament, Moonlapse Vertigo, White Cluster

    2000 - Haggard - Awaking the Centuries
    Started listening to this because the band had like 20 members at the time. 20 well used members. Haggard, especially on Awaking The Centuries, sounds like a musical book or something, not common music. Even if it's not the best use of the 'metal' part, the 'symphonic' one works for both, like modern/post classical music while still sounding archaic, I don't know. Well, everyone in the world should listen to this before dying, fact.
    Notable tracks: Heavenly damnation (awesome intro/choirs), The Final Victory, Awaking the Centuries

    2001 - Apocalyptica - Cult
    Oh, the best from Apocalyptica. I wish they could make more songs like Kaamos and Path. The minimal percussion on Cult sounds like something from Age of Empires 1, kinda original, I guess.
    Apocalyptica definetly sounds way better without drums.
    Notable tracks: Path, Pray!, Kaamos

    2002 - Unholy Matrimony - Love & Death
    So what would you expect from something tagged as brutal black metal huh? Not 2 keyboard-only tracks, not clean vocals, several piano passages and melodic riffs. And all that executed magnificently makes this a masterpiece. Sounds kinda experimental at times, highly emotional at others and reliying heavily on technical work at most time. But that was expected for something from Vladimir.
    Notable tracks: Le Philtre (wonderfull piano), Following The Black Star Of Thoughts (catchy as hell), Memory Must Remain (epic)

    2003 - Cat Power - You Are Free
    Hard choice. But Chan Marshall's minimalistic songrwithing won. Damn, I love her. So simple, so quiet, sad, authentic...I would marry Chan at any time if she wanted so.
    Just a lovely little piece of music.
    Notable tracks: He War, Speak for Me, Names

    2004 - Dir en grey - VULGAR
    Weird. Creative. Unclassificable. Versatile. Masterpiece.
    Dir en Grey is what I usually would never listen on my own either.
    Recommended by a friend, this album had everything I wasn't expecting. Solid riffs, crazy vocal lines, noticeable bass and competent drumming. Overall everything fits greatly. Dir en Grey sounds like a real band, not frontman + other people.
    Notable tracks: THE III D EMPIRE (great riffs), Shokubeni (catchy), OBSCURE (dark, atmospheric)

    2005 - Tristania - Ashes
    Seriously the best album I've ever heard. Ashes has everything I always wanted together in an album and more. Everything is perfectly balanced, nothing to complain about. Vibeke's voice couldnt be better, Kjetil's growls got a sarcastic tone which makes them memorable. Osten should've sang more, but that's supplied in Bird. Guitars here are versatile, never leaves you wanting more. The drums have a ridiculous amount of personality, eventual tribal beats are a trademark. Bass has it's moments while keyboards are a little absent, which is great to value their solos.
    Overall I wouldn't change anything, Ashes is the peak of music. Ever.
    Best songs: Libre (perfect. I don't use this word a lot but Libre deserves it), The Wretched (sounds like a ritual), Bird (interesting lyrics)

    2006 - Dominia - Divine Revolution
    MY GOD WTF IS THIS. Yeah, that was my first comment about this album. How can those russians put together the two factors I most love in music, death metal and violins? And do that almost achieving perfection? How?
    No idea why this hasn't been made before. It's not like those gothic/symphonic metal bands where 'metal' is basically forgotten. It's fucking death metal with violins! Varied vocals, catchy riffs, drums that know when to make the sound heavy, awesome pianos and the fucking violins! I must admit I still get impressed by listening to this every time. There are a few boring moments (i.e.: Beautiful Inocence, The Punishment) but the epic moments (everything else) turns this into a masterpiece.
    Dominia is a proof that looking for good music in the most hidden places worth every second lost.
    Notable tracks: Mountains Of God's Depression (epic), Burial of Reasons (awesome verse, awesome chorus, awesome everything) and The Prophecy (yay)

    2007 - The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers
    Oh Birthday Massacre. Good and new Birthday Massacre. So much history has been made while listening to this album. Can't tell technically what makes me love this synth rock record, perhaps Chibi's voice. Anyway, it's great. TBM was never so good, even if I expected totally different music from what I've heard here.
    Notable tracks: Goodnight (best vocal lines ever), Looking Glass, Science

    2008 - Mirrorthrone - Gangrene
    First one from Mirrorthrone I've got my hands into and second best from all I've heard.
    The first really notable aspect from this album is obviously that Vladimir does everything by himself, which fits the album lyrically with all the nihilism stuff - very well written lyrics, both in french and english - must add.
    Musically, Gangrene stands on top of all black metal with it's atmospheric passages constrasting with variety of riffs, programmed drums that doesn't sound too pretentious nor inhuman like previous Vladimir's works.
    The vocals go from calm clean sections to black metal shrieks to deep death metal growls - all powerful, tragic, dramatic, beautiful and expressing ridiculous amounts of emotion, from hatred to pain.
    Every time I listen to this, I feel like I was in a distant land in ruins, overrun by humanity.
    Notable tracks: So Frail (catchy, emotion-filled), No One By My Side (best clean vocal performance), Une Existence dont plus Personne ne Jouit (hands down, this is fantastic)

    Если честно то не согласен...

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    уроженец Sleza Путь к славе только начался Аватар для Sleza
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    По умолчанию

    да уж... по какому критерию они отбирали

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    земляк Krot19 Полезный человек нашего форумаKrot19 Полезный человек нашего форума Аватар для Krot19
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    По умолчанию

    Sleza, Да уж...
    Предлагаю составить такой же листок, но для каждого из нас...
    Пошел готовить список!

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    уроженец Sleza Путь к славе только начался Аватар для Sleza
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    По умолчанию

    блин даже незнаю... банально даже за 2008 год немогу что либо выделить.. оч много групп было с офигеными релизами...
    а в 92-м году допустим я попсу слушал.. и как я могу что либо выделить.. всё же бред получится

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    земляк Krot19 Полезный человек нашего форумаKrot19 Полезный человек нашего форума Аватар для Krot19
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    По умолчанию

    Да нет, речь не о том... Мне в 92 было 4 года, и я слушал только Высоцкого)))
    Я имел виду на сегодняшний день...
    Вот у меня это так выглядит:

    Vader --death\1992 - The Ultimate Incantation

    Carcass --grindcore, death, death'n'roll\1993 - Heartwork

    Dream Theater --prog\1994 - Awake

    Death --technical progressive death\1995 - Symbolic

    Manowar --heavy\1996 - Louder Than Hell

    Stratovarius --power\[1997] Visions

    Death --technical progressive death\1998 - The Sound Of Perseverance

    In Flames
    --swedish death\1999 - Colony

    Sonata Arctica --power\2000 - Ecliptica

    Norther --melodic death\2002 - Dreams Of Endless War

    Epica --sympho\2003 - The Phantom Agony

    Omnium Gatherum --melodic death\2004 - Spirits And August Light & Steal The Light

    Stream Of Passion --prog gothic\2005 - Embrace The Storm

    I --melodic northern thrash\2006 - Between Two Worlds

    Dark Tranquillity --melodic death\2007 Fiction

    Children Of Bodom
    --melodic death\2008 - Blooddrunk

    Ну вот как то оно вот так... Хотя все это специфично...
    Последний раз редактировалось Krot19; 28.02.2009 в 13:30.

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    обыватель FeuerWing Путь к славе только начался Аватар для FeuerWing
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    По умолчанию

    Vital Remains (Brutal Death)\1992 - Let us Pray
    Rotting Christ (Black - Death)\1993 - Thy Mighty Contract
    Gorgoroth (Black)\1994 - Pentagram
    Death (Death)\1995 - Symbolic
    Burzum (Black - Ambient)\1996 - Filosofem и Behemot (Black - Techno Death)\1996 - Grom
    Из них просто невозможно выбрать=)Равноценные релизы=)
    Carpathian Forest (Black)\1997 - Bloodlust And Perversion
    Cradle Of Filth (Vampiric Sympho Black - Extreme Gothic)\1998 - Cruelty And The Beast
    Marduk (Panzer Black)\1999 - Panzer Division Marduk
    Dark Tranquillity (Swedish Death)\2000 - Haven
    Enslaved (Black - Viking)\2001 - Monumension
    Satyricon (Black)\2002 - Volcano
    Enslaved (Black - Viking)\2003 - Below the Lights
    Nattefrost (Black)\2004 - Blood & Vomit
    Graveworm (Sympho Black)\2005 - (n)utopia
    Carpathian Forest (Black)\2006 - Fuck You All
    С 2007 тоже проблемы...Поэтому выделю тоже два релиза.Ну немогу я из них выбрать=)
    Marduk (Panzer Black)\2007 - Rom 5:12 и Rotting Christ (Black - Death)\2007 - Theogonia
    Satyricon (Black)\2008 - The Age Of Nero

    Ну вот как-то так=)То,что перекос у каждого в сторону любимого стиля-эт нормально=)
    Ну и извиняюсь за то,что в 1996 и 2007 не смог выбрать один альбом=)Ну нереально это для меня=)
    Последний раз редактировалось FeuerWing; 28.02.2009 в 16:01.

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    уроженец Sleza Путь к славе только начался Аватар для Sleza
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    По умолчанию

    блин а у мну так

    Tiamat\1992 - Clouds
    Cynic\1993 - Focus
    Tiamat\1994 - Wildhoney
    Moonspell\1995 - Wolfheart
    Helloween\1996 - The Time Of The Oath
    Pain Of Salvation\1997 - Entropia
    Candlemass\1998 - Dactylis Glomerata
    Children Of Bodom\1999 - Hatebreeder
    Summoning\2000 - Stronghold
    Slayer\2001 - God Hates Us All
    Nightwish\2002 - Century Child
    Iron Maiden\2003 - Dance Of Death
    Amon Amarth\2004 - Fate Of Norns
    Darkseed\2005 - Ultimate Darkness
    Dark Lunacy\2006 - The Diarist
    Dark Tranquillity\2007 - Fiction
    Opeth\2008 - Watershed

    хотя есть года гед я не могу выделить одну группу их там может 2-3 быть с отличными релизами

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    здешний vortexix Путь к славе только начался Аватар для vortexix
    Горский ж/м (Ленинский р-н)
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    По умолчанию

    1992 - Burzum - Burzum - raw black
    1993 - Carcass - Heartwork - death'n'roll
    1994 - Gorgoroth - Pentagram - black
    1995 - Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid - sympho / atmospheric black
    1996 - Gorgoroth - Antichrist
    1997 - Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant - sympho black
    1998 - Nightwish - Oceanborn - power / gothic
    1999 - Behemoth - Satanica - black / death
    2000 - Mourning Beloveth - Dust - funeral doom / death
    2001 - Ajattara - Itse - finn black
    2002 - Nightwish - Century Child - power / gothic
    2003 - 1349 - Liberation - black
    2004 - Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast (Re-Publieshed) - sympho black
    2005 - Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure - doom / death
    2006 - Krisiun - Assassinnation - death / thrash
    2007 - Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli
    2008 - Silent Descent - Duplicity - experimental / trance

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