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Love and bread

17 декабря 14:55
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Saw a story today, said a girl followed one and thought it in love, but that boy was a rural person, work as a temporary labourer in the other places now, the salary is not high, even telephone rate can not be afford to give sooned, the wife's parents do one's utmost to object to they both together, say and stay with that boy and break off the kindred relation, then help girls to arrange the job properly, also let the girl blindly date finally, but the girl thinks that will violate the emotion to the boy in this way, because she says she loves that boy very much, she, with the boy's connection stealthily finally, do not dare to tell parents about it.

Why so many thoughts and feelings this is an ordinary story, do not know me, perhaps, it is really very difficult for the man! There is bread that there is love - Romantic, have bread have no love - dull, how but have love not to have bread? I think, it is romantic too to have love to have no bread sometimes, is all performed in the TV plays like this, young lady marries and mixes small at the rich home, the princess marries common people   But the woman should be vanity, she hopes too one's own man is a rich man, can wear brands and take abalones, just, there is no money to just make do with it, because of loving.

My parents hope too I will be married in the future one will have a rich man, will live happiness day, in fact this can't prove either I do not cross well now, just have pity on the love of parents all over the world, they just hope to see us passing the excellence of getting in their lifetime, living a happy life, they have just satisfied, it is not the extravagant hope we will be full of riches and honour in the future, then bring the wealth to them, I believe that a lot of parents do not think in the world like this. We not to mention our parents are vulgar, because they are persons in the midst of life of life, know the preciousness of the salt oil of rice and fuel. We are young now, only know love is only beautiful, does not know the love also wants the bread to keep. I say that does not represent me to need only bread without needing the love either like this. I advocate the love too, think of vigorous love once too, see vertically how much hero all prostrated oneself under the woman's women's red-skirt in history, they have status of rivers and mountains, but there is no love, dull. Have and say the IQ of person in loves is that this of the bottom is not unreasonable the most too in proverb, I think " in love to drink water fully " ,At this moment, they do not need bread!

Then, the bread and love, why on earth the choice?

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