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Enlarge your advantage

17 декабря 14:52
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A piece of youth penniless and frustrated, roam about to Paris, expect father's friend to help oneself to find a job of making a living.

" Is mathematics mastered " Father's friend asks him. The youth shakes the head. " History, how is geography? " The youth shakes the head. " Then how about law? " The youth droops the head poverty-strickenly. Father's friend asks in succession, the youth can only shake the head and tell the other side ------Can't find out even a bit advantage by oneself. " Then please write the address down first. " The youth writes down one's own address, turn round to go, but been stopped by father's friend: " What your name is written is very beautiful, this is your advantage, you should not be only satisfied to look for the job that a share ekes out a living. " Several years later, the youth really writes out the classical works enjoying great prestige in the world. He is famous writer Dumas Senior in widely known French the 18th century.

A lot of mediocrities, all take some small advantages, but because has felt self-humiliation and has been often neglected in this world. In fact, in each dull life, all contain an abundant gold mine, so long as willing to excavate, can dig out, make oneself surprised treasure endlessly   

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