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Another choice

17 декабря 14:48
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Like such an antithetical couplet very much: Gain and loss afford to lose / so willing to that give up / might as well not be unwilling. Perhaps the course in life is that one is being given up constantly, the course that is getting constantly. The more important thing is to learn to give up, because of giving up, is a kind of choice of life too.
Give up a tree, you will get the whole forest! Give up a drop of water, you have the whole sea! Give up a depression, you will capture a high mountain! Moreover it is not equal to losing that some things have been given up, as you give up the pursuit to the dream, return to reality, you will find that is waiting for you on a beautiful day, and opened one wide and led to the future gate for you.
A kindhearted heart, is looking for consolation struggling earnestly. Because love very much, and determine to leave away, can't offer, don't go to ask for either. Look at you expression in one's eyes conscientiously, a at heart one give up, spread, but how park, stay you paces hurriedly for me I, go back you one smile, wishing it is happy for you to travel quietly.
A lot of things, always going through will understand. Just like the emotion, ache, will understand how to protect oneself; Unless the silly over, can know how insist and give up in right time,whose name is and in not losing we know by oneself slowly. Observe, lose meaning already quietly, don't as chop those affection in the heart off so repeatedly immediately, give up what you treasure, expect, reselected. In fact, if life does not need so much and meaningless perseverance, nothing really can't be forgotten. The society gives up, life will be easier.
It gives up to be one courage, give up betrayal that is by no means, it is selfish to give up, it is false to give up, you will become noble, the sky of your life will be vastly clear. Giving up a section of misty emotions, you will become steady and sure, as if relieved of a heavy load, light and relaxed and comfortable and comfortable.
Give up, timid and weak-willed, do not feel self-humiliation, does not give oneself up as hopeless, not even wish eagerly one got is freed from when driven to the last ditch, but a kind of choice made after recalling past pains.
Give up, it is not the nightmare side that wakes up, it is not June snow, do not escape, not even stop figthing cease to criticize or attack others, hand it to, find to with fault, with false kind with evil, a kind of choice that make after being American and ugly really.
What is given up meaning? It is a kind of courage to give up, after giving up, where we will move towards, worth thinking deeply about.
Give up, it is a kind of choice too    

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