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given year

10 октября 15:53
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The sand dune carved out in time, the time in bloom only with a flower.

The parting of director God, but should use prediction of a person\'s luck in a given year for one year.

I hear the sound rupturing time in peace and quiet,

It was you that sighed after the time for a long time passed by at that time, still clear.

With one\'s head low, but the tears that are dripping are forgotten at a certain street corner,

Arrive to the black earth occupiedly deeply.

Time trickles like the flowing water, time quiet cover is but over, it is rich and gaudy to take.

Desperate and hoping the thing is sometimes vivid, sometimes boundless and indistinct and far.

In the twinkling of an eye in the paper, I went through the swing suddenly.

Looking at the prediction of a person\'s luck in a given year in magnificent memory,

Having offered as a gift and left dying slowly, cool years.

I wonder if it was time that abandoned us, or we went out of time.

The thin one thinks, deep love.

Cut off the sand blown by the wind in the air, it was that day when you loved me.


...... Performance which meets a firework

It takes the time of a samsara

Star flows through the crape myrtle

There won\'t be time to say goodbye

Already been far away from my one light-year ......

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