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Prepare for dream

30 июня 10:55
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Have one horse belong to nerve, someone cross from it side it take, shout several whenever, get into passerby\'s attention. Everybody thinks this is one to blame horses. The good thing stays indoor, the bad thing is spread thousand li, time does not spread all over the city long. Until one day, the Bole living a secluded life has heard this. The Bole is very interested, look. Call the winged steed directly!

The winged steed sees the Bole says: " I have waited for you for a long time! "

The Bole says: "Why do you always display oneself in front of some mediocre persons? ? You know obviously it is impossible for them to understand you. "

The winged steed laughs heartily, say: "You think about it, how you are knows me. "

The Bole suddenly sees the light and says: " the winged steed is a winged steed after all! "

In summer of one year, the aridity is threatening all crops and lives on the small town. On a hot Sunday, the pastor in the town tells the masses going to church: "Except earnestly hoping it rains, no method can rescue us. Now everybody comes back home to pray, when get back to the church to go to church next weekend, make good preparations for expressing gratitude to Heaven for our universal drop rain. "

All people pressed the pastor did. They come to the church on weekend. The pastor sees their great anger: "We can\'t go to church today. You do not believe at all it will rain today. "

All people refute to: " all of us have prayed to God, we believe it will rain today! "

"Do you believe? " " then is your umbrella there that the pastor answer? ? "

A lot of people all have one\'s own dreams in the heart, but they do not make any preparations for the realization that is dreamt of, let alone the struggle for it.

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